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"Every page of this winning book is lively and interesting, filled with quotes from teenagers about their successes in math, zippy little drawings, and short-cuts for solving even the thorniest math problems."
—The Boston Globe

"Danica McKellar has a message for girls: Cute and smart is better than cute and dumb."
—The Associated Press

"McKellar is probably the only person on primetime television who moonlights as a cyberspace math tutor."
—The New York Times

"It's really hard to put the book down, it's so delightfully written... The real power of the book is actually in these memorable analogies and in the very friendly tone she uses all through the book. She's talking to a friend, and it makes you to just keep reading!"
—Home School Math Blogs

"For everyone having trouble with math, get this down-to-earth book that will pull your grades up and intrigue even the most reluctant student."
—The New Mexican

"At the end of the book is a "Math Test Survival Guide," which may be worth the price of the book in itself."
—Let's Play Math Blogs

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The Boston Globe
Home School Math Blogs
The New Mexican
Let's Play Math Blogs

Danica McKellar

Here's a partial list of the press surrounding the August 5th, 2008 release of Kiss My Math.

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November/December 2008

December 17th — Danica appears on NBC's The Today Show

Glamour Magazine — feature

Esquire Magazine — feature

San Diego Magazine — Cover feature

USAir Magazine — Cover feature

CosmoGirl Magazine — feature

Pixie Magazine — feature

September/October 2008

Boulevard Magazine — feature

IEEE Spectrum Magazine — feature

July/August 2008

August 28th — Danica appears on TV Guide Channel's "Hollywood 411" to discuss Kiss My Math

August 27th — Danica is a guest on Martha Stewart Radio

August 15th — Danica is a guest on Gayle King's Radio program

August 8th — Danica appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (watch it on youtube)

August 8th — Danica makes a guest appearance on NPR Science Friday

August 7th — Danica appears on Fox & Friends

August 6th — Danica appears on Good Morning America

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