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Nobody's perfect, right? There are some typos that somehow snuck by me... and everyone else involved in the book!

These were corrected in the paperback edition, but if you have a hardcover book, be sure to find these in your own copy of the book and handwrite in the corrections so they don't ever confuse you!

Kiss My Math

First Edition Printing Hardcover

p. 178 — In the paragraph underneath the "Watch Out" box: For "inside the parentheses to the x and the -3", the "-3" should be "-4" instead.

p. 232 — This is from the "Do You Pick Supportive Friends?" quiz: In question 4, answer A, it should say "science test" instead of "math test," so it matches the story above it. (Thanks, Casey!)

p. 325 — Make sure to correct this one in your book now! In the Answer Key (for the exercises from p.271-2), there are four mistakes in the answer to #4! The first two entries are wrong — in both columns. So instead of -6 › 30 and (-6, 30), it should be -6 › 42 and (-6, 42), and the instead of -3 › 6 and (-3, 6) it should be -3 › 12 and (-3, 12). Can you guess how this mistake was made?

p.334 — In the index, the heading "Powers" says "118-119," but it should say 318-319. (I guess someone typed "1" instead of "3"!)

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